Everything you need to know when shopping in Zagreb!

CROATIAN CURRENCY is the Croatian kuna (HRK) In stores, bars, restaurants you can pay only in Kuna.

CROATIAN VAT (PDV) is 25% and is included in retail prices.

TAX-FREE SHOPPING If you spend more than 740,01 kn in a shop, ask for the Tax-Free Form available in stores carrying the Tax-Free label.

CREDIT CARDS are accepted in all stores presented in the Insight Design Guide.

WORKING HOURS Most stores work shorter on Saturdays and many stores are closed on Sundays and National holidays. For your convenience, we have included the opening hours of all the shops in our guide.

ATM MACHINES can be found all around the city center. The limit you can withdraw in one transaction may vary from 1600 kn to 5000 kn.

EXCHANGE OFFICES & BANKS The exchange rates in banks and exchange offices may vary. Exchange offices usually offer better rates than banks.

WEB SHOPS/SHIPPING Certain brands and stores offer online and catalog orders. Please keep in mind that every webshop has individual terms & conditions, as well as shipping policies.

RECEIPTS, TAXES, AND RETURNS For every purchased item you should get a receipt (keep it, especially if you want to return or exchange purchased items). Return policies may vary, so feel free to ask any questions you may have. Some stores have no cash refund policies, but offer the option of exchanging the purchased items for other products in the store.

Shopping tips & tricks

All items in stores should have clearly displayed prices, with VAT (PDV) included, and if the item is on sale it should be marked as such.

We are not a culture of bargaining, but some shops offer a discount on cash payments.

Special discounts at selected stores are brought to you through the Insight Design Guide. Simply, bring your copy of the guide with you and you will receive a special discount (all the special offers are market in the guide).

Keep in mind that sales assistants in Zagreb are not overly assertive in approaching the customer, so do not be shy to ask for any information about the item you are interested in. They will be more than happy to assist you.

Interesting spots in Zagreb

FLOWER SQUARE – CVJETNI TRG situated in the very heart of downtown, the Flower Square is Zagreb’s favorite promenade where you go to see and be seen. What you probably do not know is that beneath it still lays an old cemetery which was used from the 14th to the 18th century.

TKALČIĆEVA STREET is the most popular bar strip today, but make sure to stop by the interesting statue of Marija Jurić Zagorka – the most read and the most popular female author in Croatia. She was the first Croatian female journalist and founder of the first newspaper for women, feminist and author of numerous novels. The greatest fame was brought to her by “Grička vještica” (The Witch of Grič), a cycle of seven romance and historical novels in which the main motives were witches, their persecution and burning.

DOLAC MARKET is is the well-known farmers’ market in Zagreb. It is a vibrant, colorful and fun place to discover foods (and other products) grown and produced locally. We recommend you to pay a visit and experience vibrant market culture.

UPPER TOWN is little Medieval hilltop settlement, a charming and interesting part of Zagreb where cobble stone streets will lead you to numerous museums, official government buildings, hidden courtyards, parks and promenades.

When you are in the Upper town, visit the LOTRŠČAK TOWER where the Grič cannon is fired every day at noon. You can climb up the tower and enjoy the remarkable view. On the way down do not miss the opportunity to ride in Zagreb’s FUNICLUAR which is the shortest cable car (only 66 meters) in the world used for a public transportation. The ride lasts 55 seconds!

Did you know that the CITY LIGHTS in Upper town, Kaptol and Opatovina are still running on gas?! Today, 214 gas lamps are turned on manually every day, which takes about two hours.

If you enjoy nature, take a hike on Sljeme’s trails and visit MEDVEDGRAD. A small Medieval fortified town located on the south slopes of Medvednica Mountain, constructed after the Tatar invasion in the 13th century. Medvedgrad offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. To this fortification are tied numerous legends and one of them includes THE BLACK QUEEN – cruel and mystical ruler of Medvedgrad. Allegedly there are unexplored underground corridors with the queen’s treasures and the queen herself trapped inside; even today these corridors connect Medvedgrad with St. Mark’s Church in the Upper town.